Repair Services

We believe that customer relations and satisfaction are of the utmost importance, and pride ourselves in providing for our customers in the most economical manner. We, as a company, thrive on providing quality repairs and parts to our customers

Tractor and Trailer Shop

Our shop is located in Portland, OR, about 1 miles from  I-205. The shop building – a full service tractor shop and a full service trailer shop.
The shops hours are:
Monday through Thursday 7am to 11pm
Friday 7am to 5pm
Saturdays appointment only.
Important: The shop staff requires that an appointment is made several days prior to arrival in Portland, OR. This will help ensure proper scheduling and parts ordering. The phone number at the shop is 503-777-0006.
The shop is primarily focused on proactive preventive maintenance. It is not uncommon for the shop to be doing as many as 5 or 6 PM services per day. The shop also is involved in various repair issues from electrical malfunctions to power divider failures. As our mechanics become more familiar with different components of a tractor they will tackle them. We change clutches, fans, radiators and many other problems that we encounter.  We works on all components of a tractor, from power dividers to turbos. We can do any job that is required for trailer maintenance, from brake jobs to complete roof replacement.
When you need something looked at or just a PM please give the guys a call and they will schedule you in for the work!